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Happiness at work doesn't simply happen. An effective happiness project translates into a long, focused and hardworking journey, where institution and staff go hand in hand.


Here we believe that managers are responsible for creating a scenario and a culture where it is easy to be happy but that happiness at work is each one's responsibility. Not the company's, not the colleagues', not society's. Holding each other accountable is a key factor in the work we do.


The state of happiness we talk about is not only generated through policies, strategies, plans, values ​​or mission.

It is generated by the simplest things that we and you do here and now. When we talk about job satisfaction we refer to wages, increases, bonuses, benefits. When we talk about happiness at work we refer to results and interpersonal relationships.


Studies reveal that happiness at work represents one of the three most important sources of happiness in general. That it is the best stress antidote.

However, stress is not necessarily generated by the fact that we work hard but rather by the lack of recovery when we do it. And because we feel bad while we work. Our proposal is to smooth sail the journey. As we increase each employee's happiness we dramatically reduce the absenteeism, presentism and turnover of the whole company. When increase one's happiness, it generates motivation, production, effectiveness and profit for the whole.


In our consulting process we lead the way to raising awareness, measure happiness and the major measurable factors in your organization, provide personal training to teams, help building your organizational happiness plan, and accompany you with follow up sessions where we discuss ideas, we suggest practice, re-measure and track progress. We take this seriously because your ROI is ours.


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