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Corporate Happiness Academy

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Here, in this academy, we subtract complexity and nurture simplicity.

Here, we redefine the color, adjust the tone and restructure welfare conditions on working days.

Here, we are all leaders in our role, and none is more important than another.

Here, we promote positive cultures that generate talent, purpose, impact and commitment because they touch the heart.

Here we know that numbers and money are consequences, not priorities.

Here we are vulnerable because trust and confidence are the basis of relationships.

Here we guide ourselves back home and to the essence of what really matters: Being happy.


Inês Nascimento

HR Director Schréder

It was a CHO...W!

A balanced approach between science and art, brain and heart, thought and emotion

International Certification Chief Happiness Officer

Catarina Vareiro

CTI Consulting

The Emotional Salary training is of great relevance to any leader / manager - who nowadays necessarily needs to assume the role of Happy Manager in front of his team - providing the tools and strategies to create experiences that generate the much-needed positive emotions, for each employee to feel good about their work, with the already known impact on increased productivity

Emotional Salary Training

Hugo Paiva

HR Director Flyer Tiger

I was there!!! An experience that will last forever! Three very happy days !!! We are proud to be part of this movement that will change the future!

International Certification Chief Happiness Officer

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